We have partnered with different banks and mortgage brokers and know where you the loan at the best possible terms, based on your situation.

We can reserve the best mortgage rate available without you even meeting the mortgage representative. Should the mortgage rates increase, you are protected, should they decrease, even better – you will get the lowest rate in either case.

To get a pre-approval you should provide all the supporting documentation required and authorize the bank to do a credit check. With a mortgage pre-approval you will know how much you can lend and confirm the rate reservation. It will also include the conditions you must satisfy so the lending institution can advance you the loan.


The main factors that influence the amount of financing you can get are:

Income and expenses – the banks have certain ratios that they must respect, which are calculated based on your income and expenses. So if you want to buy a house and a car, postpone the car purchase until you purchase the house, as any additional debt will affect your ratios.

Credit score and history– The best mortgage rates are generally offered to the clients with a Beacon score of at least 700 and very good credit history, of at least 1-2 years on several loans or credit cards with no late payments. So prepare in advance for your purchase.

Mortgage rate offered– Unless you are that special client with a large portfolio that the branch does not want to lose, you will not get the best discounted mortgage rate by walking into your bank branch and asking for a mortgage loan. Call your Dicasi broker to get the best mortgage rate on the market. The lower your mortgage rate, the higher the mortgage loan you can get.

How your loan application is prepared– information gathered during a mortgage application is sent to the credit bureau, remains in your credit history and can affect your credit score. The mortgage professionals we work with are reliable, accurate and fast. Give us a call to find out more.

The mortgage lender you deal with– Each lending institution targets different type of clients and properties, and offers special programs to their target clients. Based on your situation, the type of property you want to purchase, pre-payment options you want and so on, we can direct you to the lending institution that best suits your needs.