There are several factors that affect the selling price and how fast your property sells:
Setting the selling price at the same level or close to the market value of your property will attract more buyers and result in multiple offers.
Another strategy is to set the price below the market value.  This results in multiple offers and a fast sale.  Several properties have sold above their market value based on this strategy.
Contrary to the common belief, asking a high price will only offset buyers, and may result in your property not being sold or being sold below market value.
As you can see, the keyword is market value. Contact your Dicasi real estate broker to find out what the market value for your property is.
The higher the exposure, the higher the chances of getting multiple offers, in which case you may choose the offer with the best terms and price.
A Dicasi realtor will help you achieve maximum exposure for your property, including the MLS listing.
Location, location, location
You hear this only too often. The same house has a different market value in different locations.  The value of the house is influenced by the value of the neighboring properties, services in the area, proximity to schools and public transportation, etc.  You should consider this when renovating or building your property, as the return value will be much higher in a location that is in demand versus a remote location with low demand, while the upgrades costs will be similar.  Give us a call to find out more.
Offer and demand
The real estate market in the Greater Montreal Area was in great demand during the last decade.  Prices grew considerably during this time, and in the last few years the extremely low mortgage rates have fuelled the demand even further.  But if we look at the international markets, the situation is not the same.  Lending institutions have recently increased the mortgage rates and have placed more restrictions on mortgage qualifications, which has resulted in the softening of the real estate market in certain areas.  Call us to find out more.
Home Staging is not new, but is a strategy that should be employed to increase the appeal of your property to the buyers.  Your property should look like a hotel: clean, smelling well, no clutter, no personal items, in good working order.  There are different levels of staging and your property should be staged prior to placing a sale sign on the front lawn.  Your Dicasi broker will advise on how to increase the appeal of your property.

Identifying the best target market for your property may not be as obvious as it seems.  Your Dicasi broker knows how to analyze and maximize the potential of your property and market your property accordingly, so you can get the best value.
Contract drafting and legal matters
Real estate transactions involve considerable amounts of money, and the liabilities attached can be high.  There are standard contracts available, but what makes the difference is the additional clauses and terms and how they are drafted to ensure that the sale of your property is a smooth process.  Your Dicasi real estate broker will ensure that you are well protected.
You do not have to pay anything to list your property with a Dicasi real estate broker.  A commission is only payable when your Dicasi realtor has succeeded to sell your property, according to a promise to purchase accepted by you.  Until then, you benefit for free from the time, money and effort invested by the Dicasi real estate broker in marketing your property.  If we do not succeed in selling your property, we do not get paid. 
For any additional questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact us.